James Haunty

Spartan Infrastructure: Chief Operating Officer

Asplundh Tree Expert: Director of Operations Asplundh Construction (2017 – 2020)

As the Director of Operations for Asplundh Construction in the Midwest, James was integral to turning around a $30M operation providing overhead and underground construction for a major utility in the Midwest. He partnered with the customer’s contract, project, and operating managers to drive improvements in scheduling, adherence and job tracking & reporting. By building trust with the customer, James improved the timeliness, quality and accuracy of unit and T&E billing, thereby decreasing the billing and inspection cycle by 30%. With James’s leadership the operation improved safety and production and turned to a positive operating margin.

Commonwealth Edison (An Exelon Company): Transmission and Substation (T&S) (2012 – 2017)

As a substation superintendent, James led the Substation Construction and Maintenance department of the North Side of Chicago, an area serving nearly 500k customers and feeding critical infrastructure to the city of Chicago. Under his leadership, the Chicago North substation group had no OSHA recordables, grew in personnel, scope of projects (e.g. large transformer and gas breaker installations), in-house knowledge (e.g. SF6 gas evacuation procedure, LTC contact maintenance, large cable terminations), and sophistication of repairs (e.g. LTC headboard re-gasketing, SF6 breaker re-gasketing, rackable circuit breaker rebuilds). In 2017 James’s department received one of the highest Supervisor Effectiveness scores in all of the Exelon Companies.

Commonwealth Edison (An Exelon Company): Finance (2010 – 2012)

As a Senior Financial Analyst, James worked in FP&A and Capital Budgeting and Forecasting, where he developed complex financial models to support strategic decisions and rate case analysis.

Deloitte Consulting: Strategy & Operations Senior Consultant (2008 – 2010)

James worked with Senior Management and C-Suite executives for multiple Fortune 500 companies to develop and implement successful and executable strategies ranging from strategic acquisitions, outsourcing decisions and supply chain management.

United States Marine Corps: Infantry Officer (2000 – 2006)

James is a decorated veteran who led Marines in combat and security operations in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom.

BBA Finance 2000 | NCAA Division I Basketball 

Full Time MBA Program 2006-2009- Finance and Decision Science

Captain USMC (Meritorious Augmentation)


Joe Stone

Spartan Infrastructure: Principal | Vice President – Construction

EC Source Services (ECS): T&D Power Vice President Construction (2008 – 2017)

As Vice President of Construction, Mr. Stone provided executive oversight for multiple Extra High Voltage (EHV) construction projects throughout the United States to include logistical planning of equipment and manpower. Worked with Project Management, Environmental Management, Risk Management, and Safety teams in the development of construction work plans to ensure safe work practices and to develop efficiencies to meet complex construction schedules and challenging environmental restraints. Communicated project progress and key issues to clients and other team leaders to include the development of mitigation work plans. Worked with bid proposal teams to determine equipment and man-hour estimates in response to Requests for Proposals. At a project level, Joe assembled and managed construction crews of 180+ individuals to include road and pad site construction, foundations, tower assembly and erection, wire-stringing, reclamation, and support services such as maintenance teams and Logistics. Joe served as the on-site construction manager for one of the largest EPC transmission projects in the U.S., the 100-mile Mona to Oquirrh section of the PacifiCorp Gateway Central Transmission Expansion. Joe was responsible for the daily planning and coordination of construction activities to meet the environmental and safety requirements required to execute the project within the 30-month schedule. Worked with numerous regulatory representatives to include those for the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), United States Forest Service (USFS) and the Department of Transportation (DOT), in addition to other State and local regulatory authorities and municipalities.Z

Maslonka & Associates (M&A): Construction Manager (2004 – 2007) *Merged with InfraSource 2004

As Construction Manager, Mr. Stone worked closely with project management, environmental specialists, and property owners and supervised mitigated construction methodologies under strict environmental conditions such as seasonal wildlife habitats and wetlands. Joe was responsible for a crew of 120+ individuals with the responsibility of ensuring that project compliance measures were successfully communicated, coordinated, and implemented in the field. Joe provided construction oversight on two critical 500kV EHV Transmission line projects: the WAPA Los Banos– Gates 500kV (Path 15) Transmission Line and the BPA Schultz–Hanford 500kV Project. For the Path 15 and the BPA Schultz–Hanford projects, Joe was involved in daily interactions with construction crews, resource specialists, and inspectors to strengthen project communication chains which resulted in the projects being successfully completed ahead of schedule and with zero environmental violations. Both projects required complex environmental compliance, extensive use of specialized transmission equipment in rough terrain environments, and extensive use of helicopter-aided construction methods.